Monday, December 22, 2014


by Aileen Belmonte

Paris Graphic Tee FROM BAZAAR
Dusty Blue Gretta Tulle Skirt (24-in) c/o ALEXANDRA AND GRECCO

With the constant stress of my lifestyle wearing me down, I didn't even notice that the holidays were just around the corner. Before I knew it, I was counting down to Christmas with my fingers, hardly getting into the spirit of this year's festivities. Then I look at social media, and all I see are my friends travelling here and there, celebrating this and that...and here I am, stuck in the hospital. I couldn't help but reminisce to the years when I was still able to travel. Being a medical student, I've gotten used to making a lot of sacrifices and giving up a lot of leisures, but travelling is really something I sorely miss. Of course, one of my favorite memories was my trip to Paris. This city really was like a dream...a blurry, hazy dream that has always managed to make me smile.

With this wanderlust notion in mind, it was perfectly timed that I wore my GRETTA TULLE SKIRT by ALEXANDRA & GRECCO. The first thing I said to myself when I laid eyes on this ocean of dusty blue tulle was that this would have been perfect to wear in Paris! A part of me really felt bitter that I couldn't. I may not have been walking with the city's sites and sounds behind me, but I decided I'd wear an outfit that exuded the effortless class of Paris. I find there's something very vintage-chic about pairing a girly skirt with a basic graphic tee. So to make my daydreams embodied in a very literal way, I wore my "Paris" tee, complete with its roughly sketched Eiffel Tower. I know it can't replace the actual experience of being there, but for now it's good enough.

How would you wear this dreamy tulle skirt? I can think of a hundred ways that this can look good. I'd love to see your own take on it! 

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Photos taken by my mom

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


 by Aileen Belmonte

Sweater c/o YOINS
LEE Jeans
BASS Leather Loafers
VINTAGE Quilted Backpack
Bangle c/o LI'S CLOSET

Hi everyone! Still remember me? I hope you haven't lost all interest in my blog. With a few days out of the hospital, I actually had time to make this short outfit post. But come tomorrow, it's back to regular programming. I'm not expecting any downtime this month, so please wait patiently for my return. Hopefully, the holidays will bring me some sort of break. 

Anyway, I'll make this post short and simple. This outfit pretty much reflects how busy I've been lately. As you can see, I really didn't have much time for strategic planning and pairing of my clothes. Could it be? Have I evolved into a jeans and sweater kinda gal? I must say, it's a whole lot easier than thinking of a new outfit each time. So if you're always on the run, with the need to be in something comfortable and easy to move in, jeans are a choice that will never go out of style. Make this look more interesting by wearing an eye-catching print on top, like the one on this sweater from YOINS.COM. Making busy days casual chic with a little creativity!

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Photos taken by Cathryn Bolisay

Monday, October 27, 2014


by Aileen Belmonte
Sweater c/o MR. GUGU & MISS GO
Statement Necklace c/o PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS

Psychedelic prints are beautifully complemented by plain colors. In this case, I stuck to a classic black skirt from BLACKFIVE.COM. You can probably pair this with almost any color of your choice. You may think it would be scary to put together so many colors in one look, but this could work to create something really fun! Personally, I think it would go great with a green or blue pencil skirt. Red would probably be a nice option too. Maybe some colors to stay away from are those in the same scheme as the main hue. For instance, I'd avoid wearing pinks and yellows with this top, just so I won't blind anyone on the way with too much brightness. As always, it's all about balance and feeling comfortable in whatever sytle, cut, or color you wear! 

Enjoy your styling!

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Photos taken by Irvinne Redor